80 billion new garments are consumed globally every year. (University of Queensland, 2018)

  • Each one of our items in our RIEBIRTH collection is made from thrifted and repurposed fabrics, preventing "new" garment consumption while still giving you that shopping satisfaction.

20 thousand liters of water goes into 1 kilogram of cotton. (WorldWildlife.Org, 2018)

  • Rather than continue wasting water by producing new cotton in clothing, our thrifted and repurposed fabrics save all 20 thousand liters of water per 1 kilogram of cotton (that's a lot of math).

A single t-shirt takes 2,700 liters of water to make. (BetterCottonInitiative.Org, 2013)

  • Thrifted and repurposed fabrics go into our t-shirts saving 2,700 liters of water and so much more with every item you purchase!

90% of donated clothing goes to landfills. (OneMillionWomen.Com.Au, 2015)

  • Sadly, the majority of donated clothing goes to landfills. We keep these fabrics out of the landfill by transforming them into our one-of-a-kind pieces.